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The Mirror, 15 July 2017

This weekend, a number of news outlets reported a story about a woman who had 27 contact lenses discovered in her eye. The patient did not know that the contact lenses were missing and she told surgeons that she thought her discomfort was due to dry eye and old age.

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, Clinical Adviser at the College said; “This is a highly unusual case. I sometimes see a patient who has lost a contact lens and occasionally have found two, this really does highlight how important it is to have good contact lens hygiene and regular check-ups.  If in doubt or if you are experiencing dry eye or discomfort always return to your optometrist for advice.”

Daniel has the following tips for contact lens wearers:


  • Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses
  • Have an up-to-date pair of glasses for when you need to remove your lenses
  • Replace the lenses at the interval specified by your practitioner
  • Have regular check-ups with your practitioner as recommended
  • Seek professional advice if you are having problems with your contact lenses.


  • Go to bed with a painful red eye – seek advice immediately
  • Bring any contact lens into contact with tap water
  • Wet your lenses with saliva
  • Wear your lenses for swimming.

More information about contact lens wear and care.

July 17, 2017