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We spoke to a footballer, Madaline Rolph about her experience with sports and vision, and then spoke to her optometrist, Parth Shah to find out more about Madaline’s case. Read all about it below.

Madaline Rolph is a longsighted athlete and swimmer, whose favourite event is the 100 metre sprint. She is 13 and runs with Thetford Athletics Club. She started wearing contact lenses for sports when she was 11, following advice from her optometrist, Parth Shah, optometrist and director of Scotts Opticians in Norfolk. She has found that they are very comfortable and convenient for her when competing.

Madaline says; “My brother had been using contact lenses when playing football for a while, so when I turned 11, my optometrist suggested to my parents that I try them for running. I had seen my brother use them so was happy to give them a go and it was very successful. I’m a sprinter, so don’t have the time to push my glasses up when I’m in a very short race. With my contacts I can see so clearly and it doesn’t affect my performance”.

Her optometrist Parth Shah, optometrist and director at Scotts Opticians says; “Madaline is a sprinter and has a high hyperopic prescription so I recommended to her parents that she try contact lenses when she turned 11. She mentioned that her glasses interfered with her sport. In my experience, this is one of the most common reasons why parents ask for contact lenses for their children. Contact lenses have really advanced in the last five years and they are now far more comfortable and, more importantly, breathable, which is much better for the overall health of the eye. Whilst not suitable for everyone, there are very few people nowadays who cannot be fitted for contact lenses, including children. I would certainly recommend considering them if you are involved in sport and need corrective eye wear”.