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If your baby or child is told they need glasses, here are some useful tips to help them get used to wearing them.


  • Try using their favourite toy to distract them when putting their glasses on. This will help them associate their glasses with having fun.
  • If you find their glasses often fall off, speak to your optometrist or dispensing optician about the different options for babies.  Some frames are specially designed for very young children which are comfortable and light and have straps that go around the head or ear grips.


Getting the right pair of glasses

  • Allow your child to have a say in which glasses they want. There are a lot of different options on colour, size, shape and some have favourite characters on but always work with your optometrist to ensure they are a good, comfortable fit.

Explain the benefits of wearing glasses

  • Make sure you talk about the benefits of wearing glasses. Explain how the glasses will be able to help their eyes develop and grow.

Make sure they wear their glasses every day

  • Have your child wear their glasses every day, especially in the first few weeks after they’re fitted. The more they wear them, the quicker they will get used to them. Speak to your child’s teacher to encourage compliance at school.
  • Start by putting them on while doing a fun activity like watching their favourite TV show or reading a story. Make sure to use positive reinforcement whenever they wear their glasses and highlight family and friends or characters from books or TV that wear glasses.
  • If they need further encouragement, try using a reward scheme to reinforce the positive aspects of wearing their glasses.

What if my child still doesn’t like wearing glasses?

  • If your child is really struggling and has tried the glasses for a few weeks, speak with your optometrist to see whether they can modify the prescription to make it easier for your child.
  • You can also consider talking to your optometrist about alternatives to glasses. Many children can wear contact lenses without any problems. If your child does wear contact lenses, it is very important to always follow your optometrists’ instructions on contact lens care and hand hygiene, and attend for regular check-ups.
  • It is important to remember that even if your child has contact lenses, your child will still need to have glasses they are comfortable with for when they are not wearing or cannot wear their contact lenses.