Flush out poor hygiene

Contact lenses are worn by millions in the UK and we all know the importance of washing our hands before handling them, but have you ever been told not to store your contact lens case near the toilet?

Research has found that large numbers of bacteria could be distributed through the air after the first flush of a toilet. Now imagine that your contact lens case, sits on the sink less than a metre away…

You may think that closing the lid before the flush is the answer. It does have its advantages: Firstly, it stops inanimate things inadvertently falling into the bowl (happens to the best of us…), secondly it looks nicer, and thirdly it stops the dog/cat using it as a drinking fountain. However, research shows that closing the toilet lid had little effect in reducing the number of bacteria released into the air after the first flush. This is mainly dues to the considerable gap between seat and lid.

You may therefore feel it is sensible suggesting, in the same way you keep your toothbrush a metre away, that you do not keep your contact lens case close to the toilet.

Here are our top tips for keeping you lenses in ship-shape and your eyes infection free:


  • wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses
  • clean the lenses as specified by your optometrist
  • have regular check-ups with your optometrist as recommended
  • seek professional advice if you are having problems with your contact lenses
  • Rinse your storage case, leave it open to dry after use, and replace monthly.


  • go to bed with a painful red eye – seek advice immediately
  • bring any contact lens into contact with tap water
  • re-use cleaning solution
  • wet your lenses with saliva
  • wear your lenses for swimming (unless you use goggles) or showering
  • OR leave them close to the toilet…