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Information and advice to help you look after your eyes

Your eyes are pretty important. In fact, 84% of adults value their sight more than any other sense.

This website has information about how your eyes work, how you can look after them, and what you can do if things go wrong.

Your optometrist is the eye expert on the high street. Your GP knows about your general health, but your optometrist has studied for years to learn all about your eyes – how you can see best, and what to do if things aren’t quite right.

The College of Optometrists, the professional body for optometrists, supports optometrists to give the best healthcare possible to their patients. It encourages people to choose an optometrist with the letters MCOptom or FCOptom after their name. The letters show that an optometrist is a member or Fellow of the College, and committed to the College’s clinical and ethical standards.

If you are over 40, or of African-Caribbean and South Asian ethnicity, you are at above average risk of eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, so we encourage you to visit an optometrist to make sure your eyes are OK.

(The figures are from Britain’s Eye Health in Focus, a report published by the College of Optometrists.)

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