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BBC, 27 April 2017

You may have read a story in the news about a new test that could spot glaucoma before symptoms begin. Dr Susan Blakeney, Clinical Adviser at the College of Optometrists gives her opinion on the new development:

“It is interesting to read about this early stage trial, and from a research perspective it’s certainly encouraging; perhaps it will help us to understand what causes glaucoma and might help in monitoring treatment objectively rather than relying on the visual field test.

“We are currently able to detect glaucoma before significant sight loss occurs if people come in for an eye examination.  The people who lose significant amounts of sight from glaucoma tend to be those who do not attend for regular sight tests so what is important is for people, particularly those who are at risk of developing glaucoma, to have regular sight tests even if they think their eyesight is OK. Those at highest risk of developing glaucoma are those who are of African or Caribbean origin, closely related to someone with glaucoma or who are aged over 40.  If you are in one of these groups we recommend that you have an eye examination at least every 2 years, or more often if your optometrist recommends it.”

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May 2, 2017