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Daily Mail, 26 September 2017

You may have read the ‘Do I really need’ column in the Daily Mail (26 September 2017) on eyejusters, referring to adjustable glasses available to buy online. This was the advice on adjustable glasses by our Clinical Adviser, Daniel Hardiman-McCartney:

“Adjustable reading glasses may be useful as a temporary measure if you lose or break your reading glasses or for the short period of time after a cataract operation where there is a notable change in a person’s eyesight affecting one eye. While adjustable spectacles are able to provide a reasonable level of visual correction for some patients, due to design characteristics most do not correct for astigmatism, and it is unpredictable which patients will be suitable to use them. This is why the College of Optometrists always recommends arranging a sight test and discussing your needs with an optometrist or dispensing optician prior to using them.

“Adjustable focus reading spectacles can currently only be sold in the UK by, or under the supervision of, optometrists, dispensing opticians or doctors. Off-the-shelf adjustable glasses do not perform optically as well as ready-made reading glasses currently available to purchase from any retailer. In most cases, if spectacles are required a pair of prescription glasses that fully correct for your exact needs will be the best option.”


January 11, 2018