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BBC, 18 August 2016

You may have read the exciting story in the news this morning related to Parkinson’s disease; Scientists at University College London say early tests in rats found that changes could be seen at the back of their eyes before visible symptoms occurred.

Dr Susan Blakeney, Clinical Adviser for the College of Optometrists says;  “This is exciting news. Parkinson’s affects 1 in 500 people, so it would be great for optometrists to be able to play a part in its early diagnosis. The eye is the only transparent part of the body, and the retina is an extension of the brain, so the eye is a useful organ to look at, not only to check for signs of eye disease, but also for diseases elsewhere in the body. A regular sight test should form a part of everyone’s healthcare routine.”

You can read more about the story on the BBC Online.

August 18, 2016