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Metro, 22 May 2017

You may have read in the paper that Justin Bieber has shared a series of pictures on his Instagram profile to show his fans that he has conjunctivitis in his left eye. The photos show a swollen eye lid, but they are not particularly clear images.

Below Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, Clinical Adviser at the College of Optometrists explains a bit more about the condition:

“There are many different types of conjunctivitis.  It’s not clear from Justin’s Instagram pictures, whether he has conjunctivitis or not and if he does which type of conjunctivitis he may have. If you have conjunctivitis in your eye, you may experience some of the below symptoms:

  • A puffy or swollen eye lid, more common with acute allergic conjunctivitis, in response to getting something in the eye.
  • Your eye appears red and watery, more common with infective conjunctivitis.
  • You’re experiencing discharge from your eye.
  • Your lashes stick together.
  • You have a gritty and uncomfortable feeling in your eye.

“If you are experiencing these symptoms and think you may have conjunctivitis you should visit your optometrist or your GP. Most forms of conjunctivitis get better on their own, without treatment, if given treatment is usually in the form of eye drops.  It’s really important to take care of your general hygiene to make sure contamination doesn’t occur between eyes or to other people.”

Daniel’s advice to Justin, “If it is reoccurring or doesn’t get better on its own he should visit his optometrist or GP.”

For more information and advice about how to look after your eyes, and to find your nearest optometrist visit www.lookafteryoureyes.orgFind more information about conjunctivitis.

May 22, 2017