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BBC, 29 September 2017

The BBC published an article on 29 September 2017 on over 65s improving their strength in order to lead healthier lives for longer and to help prevent falls. The College of Optometrists has issued advice on preventing falls.

Jo Mullin, Head of Policy and Strategy at the College of Optometrists said: “It’s also important to consider vision when tackling falls in the elderly; undetected and untreated visual impairment plays a significant role in the high incidence of falls among older people. Often, this visual impairment could be corrected by new glasses or cataract surgery. A report conducted by the College suggested that only around 50% of UK falls teams currently assess patients’ vision as a standard part of their service.

“Since the report was issued, the College has been able to support over 100 falls teams with vision screening tests supplied by Thomas Pocklington Trust and to link falls teams and optometrists locally. Since both sets of professionals play such a vital part. we would urge healthcare professionals and carers to think about vision when talking about fall prevention, and to encourage the elderly to visit an optometrist regularly to ensure they have the right prescription.”

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January 11, 2018