The cornea is the transparent membrane which forms the outer coating at the front of the eyeball and covers the iris and pupil. It also focuses light on the retina.

Cornea laser surgery

The video below should be viewed in conjunction with the text beneath it and preferably watched while your optometrist discusses it with you.

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  • Anaesthetic drops are used so that you will not feel anything throughout the procedure.
  • A ring is placed over the eye into which alcohol is added for a few seconds.
  • This detaches the outer layer of cells of the cornea
  • … allowing this layer to be peeled to one side, exposing it’s middle layers.
  • A computer-controlled laser is then focused onto the cornea
  • … which quickly and painlessly re-shapes it to correct your prescription.
  • The outer layer of the cornea is then replaced
  • … and a “bandage” contact lens inserted to protect the cornea while it heals.
  • LASEK can be used to correct long and short sightedness.