Can eye exercises combat the need for spectacles?

Gillian Snoxall believes that by practising eye exercises she has not had to use her reading glasses for the past 30 years. She uses the Bates method, which is based on the theory that by exercising the eyes, you learn to see better naturally, regardless of specific sight problems. Gillian’s story was reported in The Daily Mail this week and included expert opinions from our Clinical Adviser, Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom, and College member Professor David Elliott MCOptom.

Dr Blakeney said:“There’s no scientific evidence that exercises will make any difference to that [wearing reading glasses]. No matter how strong the eye muscles, the lens just won’t change shape”.

Professor David Elliott said: “The lens is like an onion, with lots of layers that build up throughout life — it eventually becomes so stiff its curvature can’t change any more.”

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