Domiciliary sight tests

Domiciliary sight tests

A domiciliary sight test is a sight test which an optometrist or ophthalmic medical practitioner (OMP) carries out in the patient’s normal home or a day centre. Optometrists or OMPs who provide domiciliary services are experienced in dealing with patients with various mental and physical
disabilities. If you have  suffered a stroke, have learning disabilities or do not speak English well, you can still have an effective sight test.

NHS entitlement

If you qualify for an NHS sight test but can not get to a high street practice unaccompanied because of a mental or physical disability, you are entitled to a domiciliary sight test funded by the NHS. You can find a full list of who is eligible on the NHS Choices website for England and Wales. For Scotland visit and for Northern Ireland visit the Business Services Organisation

To book an appointment for a domiciliary eye exam, contact your local NHS or call:
• NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 if you live in England or Wales
• NHS Helpline on 0800 22 44 88 if you live in Scotland
• NHS for Northern Ireland on 0800 587 8982.

Patients do not have to buy new spectacles following a sight test, and they do not have to buy them from the optometrist or OMP who provided the sight test.

For more information, download the leaflet Sight tests at home (1MB PDF).