Some organisations which require the correct recognition of coloured signals (principally transport groups such as the Civil Aviation Authority, railways, maritime, naval and air force) depend upon a standard lantern test which imitates actual signal systems. Their use is confined to the trade task of recognition of coloured lights, principally red, green, yellow and white. Lantern tests require the naming of standardised coloured lights of controlled luminance, colour and size, usually in a dark room.

This is not a test that is usually done in community optometric practice, but some of the optometric universities provide this test. It is therefore suggested that if you want to have this test done you contact one of the numbers below and ask for further details:

Contact details
Aston University Optometry Clinic Reception
0121 204 3900


Cardiff University Eye clinic
02920 874357


City University Colour vision clinic
020 7040 0262


Glasgow Caledonian University  Eye clinic
0141 331 3377


University of Manchester 0161 306 3860